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By J. Ira Jones

This quantity is made from electronic photos created through the net Archive for The college of Toronto Libraries. the web Archive and The collage of Toronto Libraries search to maintain the highbrow content material of things in a fashion that enables and promotes numerous makes use of. The electronic reformatting technique ends up in an digital model of the unique textual content that may be either accessed on-line and used to create new print copies. to augment your studying excitement, HP.s patented BookPrep expertise is used to wash and take away getting older in addition to scanning artifacts. This ebook and millions of others are available at To view the college of Toronto Libraries catalogue, please stopover at

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Nity. v The universe, 'space, eter- official, pertaining to Ie, uchi. A house, family. Tsukasa, dyake. Office, a thing govern- Tsukasadoru, tsukasa. To ment, public. x. * Yoroshii, ube. right, proper, fair, natural. Good, Adakamo, W^^ ^ exactly, addressed each. x Tabibito, marodo. * guest, stranger, A -te visitor, Yoru,yoseru. 4 Yurusu, nadameru. To pardon, mitigate (a punishment), appease. proclaim, tell, everywhere, an edict. quiet, calm. A cellar, To call in upon, lodge, rely upon, entrust to.

A statue, image, the first Tamamono, fuchi. Salary, rations. instance. ^ Fusu, utsumuku,tsutomeru t lie down, face down, labor, exert one's self. A godown, storehouse. * To s/ Wardbe, kodomo, * A child, ^ Tsutsushitnu. To An auxiliary numeral. yoi. good. reverence. O^f To increase, multiply. Taoreru, sakashima. fall over, upside To Jinrikisha. down. Manaita t chopping board. To , y n A kari ni. borrow, rent, tempo- rarily. * Umu, To V v akiru. be tired Saiwai, magure-zaiwai. Blessed, happy, luck.

Immediately, quickly. l/iS a be arranged in order, to join. Stiff, earnestly. tsuyoi. strong. * Well, so then, now. ^ Hajime, * The nasu, sugureru. beginning, to do, ex- Nasu, tsukuru. perform, do, mate. cellent. ^ Kuruu, v To be as * To taoreru. ^ Todomaru. insane, to fall over. Futoru, koeru, tomogara. To be fat, plump, a sign of the plural. JL A A n To 4 stop, stay. Takeshii, sukoyaka, tsuyoi. 4- Brave, healthy, strong. 7 JL P U 73 C 10 y Soba, katawara. * The side, one jf v side. Tamatama, au.

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