A Brief History of Buddhist Studies in Europe and America - download pdf or read online

By J. W. de Jong

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The inconclusiveness of the debate shows the difficulties in obtaining reliable inform�tion from the conflicting Buddhist traditions. La Vallee Poussin, who also published a long article on the Councils in 1905,10 declared that without a study of the Chinese sources no definite conclusions could be reached. However, even the translaBuddhistische Studien, ZDMG, 52, r898, pp. 613-<>94= Kleine Scbrifttn; pp. 889-970. Studien zurn Mahavasru, NGGTY, 1912, pp. I23-154=Kleine Schrifttn, pp. , pp. 155-218 = Kleine Schri} 7 8 , un, pp.

Senart's system of 26 interpretation is based upon a careful examination of the Vedic and Brahmanical literature but one finds nothing similar in Kern's b';oK. One observes with some astonishment that his categorical statements have been able to carry away even such a sober-minded and cautious scholar as Barth, who was willing to consider the courtezans as mother-goddesses, the six heretical teachers as the six planets and the rebellion ofDevadatta as the struggle of the moon with the sun (Oeuvm de Auguste Barth, I, Paris, '9'4, p.

495514; Sur la recitation primitive des textes bouddhiques, 1A, 1915, I, pp. 401-447. 68 Sylvain Levi, Mahikarmapibhanga et Karmavibhmigopadefa, Paris, 1932. See also N. J. tkli11g LtlttrkzlIlde, deel 76, serle B, no. 8, Amsterdam, 1933, pp. 2I5-z83. 69 EtUM! tt textu talltrjfju�s. I. Paficakrama. Gand, IB96; Bouddhisme, Etudes et maM teriaux, London, IB9B, pp. 162-232 et I:LB-16I. 70 Caturaryasatyapaiik�a, MllallgtI Charlu de Harlez, 1B97, pp. 313-320. Mpctersbourg, 1903-1913; PrajiiaM karamati'l Commentary to the &dhicaryavatara o/9al1tideva, Bihliothtca Il1dica, Calcutta, 1901-.

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