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Hegel is considered the head of German idealism and his paintings has gone through a major revival in view that 1975. during this e-book, David grey Carlson offers a scientific interpretation of Hegel's 'The technological know-how of Logic', a piece principally missed, via a procedure of obtainable diagrams, settling on and explicating each one of Hegel's logical derivations.

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In this story, the ego shows that in its development the object has and retains the perennial character of an other for the ego, and that the ego which formed the starting-point is, therefore, still entangled in the world of appearance and is not the pure knowing which has . . overcome the opposition of consciousness. (77) 94 Feuerbach, supra note 86, at 61 ("Fichte's clamorous T"). In the EL, Hegel writes that Becoming is the first concrete thought. EL at § 88 Addition. " ERROL E. HARRIS, THE SPIRIT OF HEGEL 78 (1993).

Everything is omnipresent. Hence, the Logic can go forward or it can go backward instantaneously. In any case, since the Logic is a circle, going forward is the same as going backward. In either direction, we reach Absolute Knowing. "[Ajdvance is a retreat into the ground . . " (94) What he means by this sentence is that Pure Being and Nothing are inadequate and one-sided. The later step of Becoming is already implied - is immanent - in the transition to Pure Being/Nothing. Sublation. The second important concept I would like to introduce is "sublation" - a word not usually encountered by non-Hegelians.

HEGEL, ELEMENTS OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT § 2 (Allen W. Wood trans. 1993) ("Philosophy forms a circle. It has an initial or immediate point - for it must begin somewhere - a point which is not demonstrated and is not a result. But the starting point of philosophy is immediately relative, for it must appear at another end-point as a result. "). "). 64 See ADORNO, THREE STUDIES, supra note 1, at 133 ('The concept breaks up when it insists on its identity, and yet it is only the catastrophe of such tenacity that gives rise to the movement that makes it immanently other than itself ).

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