New PDF release: A witch's beverages and brews : magick potions made easy

By Patricia Telesco

ISBN-10: 0585473501

ISBN-13: 9780585473505

ISBN-10: 1564144860

ISBN-13: 9781564144867

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37 This page intentionally left blank CHAPTER 3 H ELPFUL H INT S INTS This chapter will provide you with insights about brewing alcoholic beverages and other rather unique items such as pop that many people have probably never tried making. If you find you have trouble getting the recipes in the book to work right, this section will help you over the natural stumbling blocks that come with the learning process. Also, if you find you don’t have the time to make these items from scratch, don’t despair.

Extract or flavoring 3/4 cups sugar 72 oz. juice 1/16 tsp. yeast Basic Directions: Heat your juice(s) in a large kettle until it is lukewarm. Dissolve the sugar, feeling free to add more if you want a sweeter wine. Likewise, dissolve the yeast and add any flavorings desired during this process. It is a good idea to test the beverage at this point for full-bodied flavor, adding more extract if needed. Next, move the wine into clean glass bottles that can be either capped (like pop), corked, or sealed with a secure screw top.

Specifically, you’ll begin to know nature’s chemistry—the idiosyncrasies in various fruits and spices that can make or break the results of your efforts. For example, knowing that strawberries ferment very quickly will help you avoid messy, sticky bottle explosions. Additionally, your first beverage efforts should be done with simple, cost-effective ingredients. This way if you don’t get it right, you haven’t spent a fortune. And don’t be overly critical with yourself if you have a flop or two.

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