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The concept that the human physique comprises 'subtle our bodies' - psycho-spiritual essences - are available in a number of esoteric traditions. This radical type of selfhood demanding situations the dualisms on the center of Western discourse : mind/body, divine/human, matter/spirit, reason/emotion, I/other. 'Angels of hope' explores the aesthetics and ethics of refined our bodies. What emerges is an figuring out of embodiment now not solely tied to materiality. The publication examines using sophisticated our bodies throughout quite a number traditions, yogic, tantric, theosophical, airtight and sufi. 'Angels of wish' exhibits the relevance of the delicate physique for faith, philosophy, paintings heritage and modern feminist spiritual reviews and theories of wish.

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44. Tansley, Subtle Body: Essence and Shadow, 5. 45. For discussion on the subject as comprised of energetic forces, and the role of these forces in healing practices, see Barbara Ann Brennan, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing 22 Angels of Desire degree of ‘stuff’ that enables variety of substance. The difference is in degree, not in kind. This is, as previously outlined, keenly reflected in the work of Henri Bergson who was himself interested in parapsychology (his sister Mina [also known as Moina] Bergson was a central member of one of the most notorious British esoteric groups, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn).

Feuerstein, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga, 28. 76. Feuerstein, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga, 354. 77. Ozanic, Chakras, 17-21. 78. The Caduceus is understood as the messenger’s staff—mediators moving between heaven and earth along an axis mundi symbolised by its central staff—but is also associated with medicine—the two serpents representing healing and poison, the hermetic and the homeopathic. Centrally it represents the dynamic synthesis of opposites and the role of the mediator between divine and mortal worlds.

The Vedanta traditions are primarily concerned with the realisation of metaphysical knowledge. , The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, 1019; King, Indian Philosophy, 53-54. 56. Feuerstein, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga, 281. 57. Feuerstein, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga, 264. 58. Feuerstein, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga, 281. 1. Subtle Bodies 25 Bergson’s theory of Image previously outlined, that the Sämkhya tradition also proposed a theory of Image in which perception takes place within the image, the external object (a form in subtle matter).

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