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The union carried out the day-today tasks of the representative bodies in the enterprise. These varied in nomenclature over the period from 1949 but since the economic reforms in the 1980s they have been known as the Workers’ Congress (zhigong daibiao dahui). However, most matters coming up in Workers’ Congress discussions related to production rather than welfare issues. 3 Economic reform and industrial relations since 1978 Background Following the implementation of Dengist economic reforms and the Open Door policy, the industrial relations system was gradually restored but the debate continued.

None the less rural–urban, regional and gender inequalities have grown, not the least for the dagongmei or ‘working girls’ in the SEZs and newly industrialized areas (see Ngai, 1999). It is clear that in these circumstances China is beginning to see the emergence of a more market-oriented, although not necessarily adversarial, industrial relations model; it is not one as yet comparable to a Western one, let alone involving the implementation of HRM as we would understand it. The concepts, terminology and practices have correspondingly changed, albeit with a time-lag, particularly given the ‘organizational inertia’ of not only the SOE sector but also the wider ‘mind-set’ it engendered (see Goodall and Warner, 1997).

And Warner, M. (1998) China’s Trade Unions and Management, London: Macmillan. Perry, E. J. (1993) Shanghai on Strike, Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. Malcolm Warner and Ying Zhu 33 Poole, M. (1997) ‘Industrial and labour relations’, in M. 264–82 Qu, S. R. (1950) Gongren Shouce (Worker’s Handbook), Hong Kong: Ta-Kung Press. Schurmann, F. (1968) Ideology and Organization in Communist China, Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Showalter, G. 387–419. Sziraczki, G. and Twigger, A.

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