Faculty of Business and Economics Study Program

1. Accounting

AkuntansiAccounting is the process of measuring, interpreting, and providing certainty about information to aid managers, investors, tax authorities, and other decision makers in allocating resources within companies, organizations, and government institutions. Accounting is an art that quantifies, communicates, and interprets financial activities. In a border sense, accounting is also known as the “language of business”. Click for more details

2. Management

Management is the act of planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling resources with the aim of achieving goals in an effective and efficient manner. Click for more details

3. Islamic Economy

The Islamic Economics program excels in the fields of Sharia management and entrepreneurship, emphasizing self-reliance, global competitiveness and creating valuable contributions to the nation’s welfare and global civilization, guided by Islamic and Indonesian values. Click for more details

4. Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking is a financial institution that follows the principles of Islamic law, as guided by the fatwa of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI). These principals revolve around fairness, balance, utility, universality, and the avoidance of elements such as uncertainty, gambling, usury, injustice, and prohibited transactions. Click for more details

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